ekA great shot is mostly about being in the right place at the right time. For me, the right place is often in nature and usually in the mountains - hiking, backpacking, or skiing. Photography is an excuse to pause and observe. It also prods me to leave the tent before anyone else wakes up or linger until dusk, after most people have gone home. The reward has been moments of magical light and beauty that might otherwise have been missed.

Coming from a family of artists [Sonya Fairbanks' (sister) website] and scientists, some of my photographic interests bridge the two worlds ("Natural Variation"  and "Life Uprooted"  galleries).  Many of the images on this website were shot during a four year stint working in Sequoia National Park. Lately I have been exploring and taking more photos in northern California, closer to my current home in Redding.

My photographs have appeared in books, as well as publications such as the California Wilderness Record and Backpacker Magazine.   

A few favorite published photos:

Wilderness Record, Volume 24, Number 5 - Cover, Winter 1999


Backpacker Magazine - Basecamp section feature photo (17" x 11" - 2 pages), May 2007
Big Arroyo - Backpacker Magazine