About me

A great shot is mostly about being in the right place at the right time. For me, the right place is often in nature and usually in the mountains - hiking, backpacking, or skiing. Photography is an excuse to pause and observe. It is also motivation to leave the tent before anyone else wakes up or linger until dusk, after most people have gone home. The reward is getting to experience light and subject coming together in often-times fleeting moments of magic.

I grew up in a family of artists [Sonya Fairbanks' (sister) website] and scientists, and some of my photographic interests bridge the two worlds (for example, "Life Uprooted"  and "Natural Variation"  galleries). Many of the images on this website were shot in the Sierra Nevada - one of my favorite stomping grounds. In recent years I have been exploring and taking more photos in northern California, closer to my current home in Redding, CA.

My photographs have appeared in outdoor adventure magazines, scientific journals, and text books. Framed images from the 'Life Uprooted ' series are available for display.